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About the artist

The artist, Angelika Moroz, was born in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. This country is known for its long history of culture, and art, and is where Christianity found its first home. She grew up with this influence all around her, and she began painting early at home when she was just four years old. An early memory that helped change her life to adulthood happened when she was twelve years old. Her older sister studied design, and had a lot of art supplies, watercolors, and brushes at home, and when she would leave, Angelika went into her room and would use her beautiful watercolors to paint.

She always hurried when she painted, so she could finish before her sister returned home because she knew her sister would get upset if she touched her things. So, she learned to paint fast, and with intense concentration. It had already changed her life, and she loved painting so much more than anything else.

This altered how she viewed the world, and Angelika began to be impressed when she accompanied her mother to her friends apartment which was full of a lot of paintings, because Angelika also wanted to be an artist and painter now. This resonated within her so much so that when she finished her first painting, her moms friend was the first person she showed the painting to. She was surprised about Angelika's knowledge, and this compliment made Angelika very happy, and gave her a huge amount of motivation to continue with her art. So, as a gift, Angelika gave her mothers friend that first painting to which she replied that Angelika was very gifted, and should go to art school to continue to work on her talent. At the age of thirteen, she began to go to the art school, Hakob Kojoyan, where she would learn every day about Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Sculpture, and many other forms of artistic expression. This is where she also got her first professional teacher, Mr. Ara, who helped further increaase her knowledge of the art world. From him Angelika learned that she could have a free mind, and could do everything in art. He taught her to think without borders, and to not be afraid to create something new that has never been done before.

This let her get in touch with her own imagination, and express herself through installations, video art, and painting with entirely different techniques. He is also the first person that told her to join a group exhibition called "New Talents", where she showed her artwork to the public at the gallery NPAK. After her studies in Armenia were finished, Angelika wanted to discover new techniques such as visual arts, 3D design, and connecting traditional oil painting with the digital world, so she decided to move to Europe. Even though, Angelika no longer lives in Armenia, it was important to her to stay connected to her friends, and show her love of animals through groups such as Dingo Team, who give stray dogs and cats shelter, food, and medical care. Everyone at Dingo Team aslo works on a charity basis to find each of the animals a new home. The love for animals that Angelika has is felt deeply by her, and can be seen in each, and every one of her oil paintings that she creates.

The most important thing in the world to Angelika is to express herself through her love of painting which can be easily understood by her saying "When I apply each brushtroke of paint onto an outstretched canvas, it is as if a door closes, and I am cast out of reality. The whole world becomes just me and my painting. In these precious moments, as the vibrant oil paints swirl and recombine into new colours across my palette, I create a new reality for myself. One in which the rules of the outside world fall away, and all my thoughts, feelings, and beiefs can take shape without restraints or struggles."

For Angelika's oil paintings, she uses animals and people that have made an impression on her, and taking her time, feels how she would like to paint them, and what story she would like to tell on the canvas. Angelika states "Most of my feeling in each painting goes toward showing how the beauty of animals, and different people can work harmoniously together, and show how everything in nature is perfectly done, and should be saved how it is."

In her personal exhibition "Darwin was here", Angelika also focused the relationship between humans, and animals. She says "I painted monkeys for the exhibition to show the Darwinian theory that humans evolved from monkeys, and I find that is a good reason to respect nature. In my exhibitionn, I invited all the owners of pets to bring their animals with them to create a different atmoshphere, and to turn the entire event into a kind of performance."

In 2018, Angelika was making a long trip in Europe, and decided to study in Germany because she enjoyed the culture there. She traveled to galleries across Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany to meet new people, and expand her knowledge by beginning studies into new artisic techniques. She was very interested to get new impressions on Visual Arts and Graphic Design, and to learn to use the latest computer technology that was creating a new reality in the art world. Angelika continued her studies in Frankfurt, Germany, and is now making advancements in transfering her knowledge of painting skills from canvas to advanced designs in graphics, and computer modelling.