The Artwork of Angelika Moroz

               Angelika Moroz is an artist from Yerevan, Armenia that is unlike any other artist in the ways that she uses multiple disciplines to weave, and entwine entire stories, and themes across a broad surrealist landscape of paintings, sculptures, video projections, and installations to create a beautiful, inspiring, and thought provoking cacophony of seismic awareness that quickly makes you see, and feel all of her passion towards every aspect of life itself.
               Her surrealist paintings are exquisitely detailed, and encompass a plethora of gorgeous scenes showing an interconnectivness and global harmony between animals of all sizes and shapes that goes unseen in paintings by others. Each piece exposes us all to the realization that we are not to be separated into different catagories, or groups, and are in fact one universal life that may have lost it's understanding of itself, but through her visionary eyes, we are provided with the hope for that ever-lasting unity, and it pervades and shows itself in every brush stroke, and shines through in every color.
               Just a glimpse into the eyes of every animal she paints is a glimpse into the natural beauty that they possess, the uniqueness of their existence, and also, sometimes the terror that is inflicted upon them on a daily basis from the hands and machines of those that wish to exploit that very same beauty for their own enjoyment and pleasures. You come away from each painting with unyielding, and conflicted feelings of awe, inspiration, joy, sadness, and an enlightenment that leaves you with an amazing awareness of the flow of life and energy that is brilliantly shown in every piece of art she brings into creation.
               The physical, and visual installations she displays immerse you so that you are completely thrust into the same situations as the those of the oppressed so that you feel what they feel, and come away with a fuller understanding of the effects of the slaughter of innocence and a newfound ability to recognize the causes leading to it. Her unwillingness to hide from the plights of immigrants everywhere comes out in the compassion she brings to show in every face she creates and displays to the world so people can see that each, and every one of them, is an individual that is yearning for nothing more than freedom from the unjust situations thrust upon them in their constant search for a better life for themselves, and their children.
               While the vast majority of modern art becomes more and more indoctrinated, and complacent, Angelika Moroz's artwork breaks free from this stagnant conformity, and opens windowns into a new reality that shows everyone a way forward with unflinching feelings of liberation unseen in the current art world. The beautiful work created by her displays mesmerizing new ideas, offers insights that will continue to echo throughout the ages, and forces you to see that it is up to each and every one of us to take a personal stand, and make a decision of how we will continue to live, not just with each other and the countless creatures of this world, but with the decisions that we make on a daily basis that effect ourselves, and everyone around us.